The Fresh Sends Story


Sending the freshest flowers, lickety-split.

We create bouquets focused around seasonality and blooms that are at their prettiest. That means our arrangements change on the regular and combine all the elements to create a unique, well-balanced design. We make it as simple as possible to order your Fresh Send so that you can focus more on the heart behind the gesture: making people’s day.


It’s our mission to help people feel seen, known, and loved.

Life gives us moments that make us feel so alive we want to shout from the rooftops, we think those should be celebrated. Life also gives us situations that bring us to our knees, we see you there too. We’ve created Fresh Sends to help celebrate the highs and meet people in the lows of life.


Life, done together.

In today’s society, we’re constantly facing cultural loneliness. Our hope is to encourage people to watch out for their circle and do their best to use their voice to lift up the people around them. Strengthening real, genuine relationships. We’re confident that if we can do better encouraging ourselves and others as individuals, then surely, we will see a rise in an hope-filled society.