keep those blooms alive!

Now that you’ve received some freshies, make sure you do a few essential steps to enjoy those blooms for as long as possible.

  1. Grab your favorite vase and fill it with room temperature water.

  2. Remove the leaves / foliage that may still be on the stems. The key is you don’t want any leaves to be submerged in your water!

  3. Trim your stems at a 45 degree angle to make sure they can drink as much water as possible.

    **Repeat step 3 every 2-3 days because we all need to freshen up every few days and it will keep your arrangement looking its best.

  4. Find a home for your arrangement in a cool place. Flowers don’t love anything too hot like fireplaces, candles, radiators, and direct sunlight, so try your best to avoid those.

**Pro tip. Have some bud vases around the house? Separate your bouquet into smaller sections and place multiple mini bouquets around your house. We love flowers by the kitchen sink, on your bedroom nightstand, or to freshen up the bathroom!